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For this week’s episode of Geekorama, we’re discussing the legacy of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, where it started, where it went, and what we hope for the future…

Pop-Culture Trivia-Green Lantern: Alan Scott

  • He was a railroad engineer who came into possession of a magic lantern that spoke to him and said it would bring power. From this, he crafted a magic ring which gave him a wide variety of powers. The limitations of the ring were that it had to be “charged” every 24 hours by touching it to the lantern for a time and that it could not directly affect objects made of wood. Alan Scott fought mostly ordinary human villains, but he did have a few paranormal ones such as the immortal Vandal Savage and the zombie Solomon Grundy.  He was part of the Justice Society of America, had his own comic as well as appeared in Comics Cavalcade and All-Star Comics. At the end of WWII Supers fell on hard times and his comic was canceled. He never again had his own title and later his character was revamped and renamed to Sentinel to avoid confusion with Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern.


Trish – Lucifer!!! OMG gimme the fifth season NOW!

Jeremy – I’ve been obsessed with Jamin Winans’ soundtrack for the movie Ink. In my pursuit of indie movies I found this amazing low-budget film that relies on high concept and creative execution. With no money for SFX or music, Jamin Winan had to execute it himself. 

Check out the Trailer: 

Deep Dive – The X-Men’s First Wolverine

Trish’s fave Wolverine moments: XMen First Class “Go fuck yourself” and the rage he felt after Xavier was murdered in Logan.  Worst moment? The entirety of Days of Future Past.

Jeremy’s fave Wolverine moments: The ultimate Wolverine moment is in X-Men when he gives Cyclops the finger with the middle claw. How can you not love him from that moment on? Sorry Cyclops, you brought this on yourself. Worst moment? Can we pretend that Wolverine: Origins never happened? Please?


Confused about Wolverine’s timeline? You’re not alone, but this video might help.


QotW: What is YOUR favorite Hugh Jackman Wolverine moment or film?

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