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For this week’s episode of Geekorama, we’re discussing what you can read to tide you over until Wonder Woman 1984 (hopefully) gets released in theaters.

Pop-Culture Trivia – 1965 Wonder Girl: Donna Troy

Originally there is a bit of confusion about this character because, in an effort to make Wonder Woman more palatable after the publication of Seduction of the Innocent, they did a series of Impossible Tales showing WW as a child who was called Wonder Girl. Then in a July 1961 WW comic, Wonder Girl is referred to as a separate person from Diana. The first time Wonder Girl appeared as a separate person from WW was in The Brave and the Bold #6. Commonly connected with Teen Titans, she is considered a founding member of the team. 

Her most iconic iteration has to be the George Perez and Marv Wolfman run on Teen Titans in the 1980’s. Donna has a SLEW of weird, retconned origins including: being a magically brought to life reflection of Diana so the young Princess had an age-appropriate playmate, a golem brought to life by Wally West’s incomplete memories of her from a previous iteration who is then forced to relive all her previous lives, resurrected by Titans of Myth so she can be exploited as an anomaly that existed prior to the Crisis. Recommended reading: Teen Titans by George Perez and Marv Wolfman.


Trish – Warrior Nun! A great Netflix show that has an interesting approach to a female dominant cast. The acting is top notch. The topics get dark and there is plenty of humor. Netflix shoots itself in the foot with a tragically abrupt ending that is bound to be unresolved knowing how easily they cancel shows.

Jeremy – The perfect marriage of comics and graphic design can be found with HelloMuller. The designer who created the design behind Powers of X and House of X is nothing short of visual eye candy. The best part is, he has a long history with comics. To see more of his work (and an amazing video that punches you in the face) check out:


Deep Dive – What to read while waiting for Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman #9 by George Perez – The Essential Wonder Woman Story

Wonder Woman #3, 5, 7, 8 – The Rebirth Storyline (involves some crazy plant gods!)

Max Lord: too convoluted and spread out over a bunch of cross over issues to give really good comics to read, basically here’s a quick rundown of the character: a successful businessman, he starts out as a very weak hero during the Crisis on Infinite Earths mega comics cross-over. Post Crisis he ends up putting together because the world needs heroes. It’s revealed later that he’s doing this for nefarious purposes and all hell breaks loose. He’s now, canonically, a villain. Portrayed in both Smallville and Supergirl, he makes his big-screen debut in WW 1984.


QotW: What do you hope to see in the WW 1984 movie?


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