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For this week’s episode of Geekorama, we’re talking about the Russian made superhero film, Guardians. Is it so bad it’s good?


August 1940 Claire Voyant aka The Black Widow

Introduced in Mystic Comics #4 as “the strangest, most terrifying character in action picture magazines…” Her book features artwork by Harry Sahle. According to Jess Nevins’ Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes, “The Black Widow can kill with a touch and has other, Satan-derived, plot device powers. The wrongdoers she goes after are ordinary humans, although one group of them call themselves Murder, Unlimited and another is the Cult of the Black Widow Spiders.” Her next appearance occurs 51 years later, in a flashback cameo in one panel of issue #1 (Jan. 1994) of the mini-series Marvels (“A Time of Marvels”, written by Kurt Busiek with art by Alex Ross), and again eleven years later (Feb. 2005), also in a brief flashback, in Marvel Knights Spider-Man #9 (“The Last Stand”, written by Mark Millar with art by Terry and Rachel Dodson).


Trish – Blood and Ash by Deborah Wilde.

Jeremy – I’ve been knee deep in photography research. Starting a side project and need to spend copious amounts of time looking at models. The good thing is I’m rediscovering my love for the European Mod movement in fashion. Who knew the 70’s needed to make a come back?


Deep Dive – So bad it’s good: Guardians

Trish – Unfortunately, it’s just bad. What I liked: some of the visuals (not the effects) were really compelling, the makeup effects on the big bad were very well done, and the heroes did have interesting power sets (except for the woman who just turns invisible…but only in water…ok). What I didn’t like: cheap effects aside (because I think they did the best they could with what little they had) the script SERIOUSLY hamstrung this film. 

Jeremy – How dare she? It’s awesome! What I liked: I go into these movies with the bar already set low, so consider me impressed with the specific methods they utilized their budget. The effects weren’t horrible (nor great) but they really emphasized the SFX around their abilities. It’s the first time teleporting has been done this well (Sorry Nightcrawler) and this is the Invisible Woman that Fantastic Four deserved and never got. What I didn’t like: The script! That was painful, and why were they doing what they were doing? Does anybody have motivation or is this movie the product of boredom? It’s hard to tell for the majority of it….BUT POWERS!!!!


QotW: What is your favorite so bad it’s good movie?


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