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For this week’s episode of Geekorama, we’re talking about The Umbrella Academy. Did they fix the problems from last season? Did we love it? And what are our favorite moments from this latest season?


Pop-Culture Trivia – The Umbrella Academy

Season One: 

  • Aidan Gallagher (Five) was not allowed to be on set during any gun fight scenes because of child labor laws. Instead a body double was used.
  • The Phantom of the Opera Medley that Vanya plays in the first episode when the characters are introduced is an arrangement performed by violinist Lindsey Sterling.
  • “My Chemical Romance” frontman Gerard Way penned the original comic series.

Season Two: 

  • Ellen Paige collaborated with showrunners to ensure that Vanya and Sissy’s relationship didn’t turn out to be a tragedy (Thank you!)
  • The crew did not get a clean take of the scene when Luther farts in the elevator, if you watch closely you can see Diego laughing.
  • The only scene filmed in Dallas was the grassy knoll
  • The cast did not get the final pages of the script for episode ten until closer to shooting.

For additional fun, check out this interview with the cast and find out all the little secrets.


Trish – Star Girl! OMG, a love letter to the Silver Age of comics, a family-friendly gem that won’t bore parents and all-around a GREAT show!

Jeremy – Tales from the Loop, an anthology style show on Amazon is the perfect blend of retro-futurism and nuanced story telling. The best part, it’s based on narrative art books created by Simon Stalenhag and the Zon does them justice. Check out his book:


Deep Dive – The Umbrella Academy

Trish –  They fixed the major issues for me from the first season, although it was close. I honestly did not trust the showrunners so I was distracted by worry throughout the season and admit that it diminished my enjoyment of the season overall. That being said, I liked it enough that a second viewing is in order so that I can absorb it better. The last episode sealed the deal for me in the way that Vanya was allowed to legit be the most powerful person in the room without destroying the world, and how they really tried to reach Lilly and invite her into the family. The scene between Ben and Vanya is the most powerful one in my opinion. He gives her permission (in a healing way) to be angry and hurt, he validates her experiences of abuse at the hands of her father and helps her start the healing process. It was beautiful.

Jeremy – My bar was set pretty low. The first season is filled with characters I spent more time hating than loving. There is a thing as too much quirk and I think trying to make every character the extreme of that quirk got tiresome. I prayed for Vanya’s death by the end (actually, all of them.) The second season is a different story. It opens with a bang, quite literally. There is more depth with each character as threads of their lives are actually plot relevant. Vanya is less annoying (I only wanted her dead here and there) and it goes to show some serious amnesia can fix a poorly plotted personality. Ben gets to be relevant. They attempt to give Diego some depth (and yet nerf him in the process) and Klaus is really just more of the same ol’. Allison saves the season for me. Her story has relevance, it’s retro and very now at the same time. She has romance, complexity, and a few badass moments. The rest of the family is better balanced which lets you enjoy the story, but if you found them annoying in season one, be prepared for more annoying.


QotW: Did you love or hate Season Two of the Umbrella Academy?

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