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For this week’s episode of Geekorama, we are straying from the Brooding of DC and the Pithy Dialogue of Marvel and turning to the fans and just how far they’ll go to see their favorite characters on screen. We’re looking at two fan made films and a short indie film reminding us of what geek power is capable of.

Pop-Culture Trivia – The very First Comic Con

The very first comic convention was held on July 27, 1964 in New York City. Though there were probably other small fan conventions held elsewhere in the US, this was the first known event for comic book fans.  A total of 56 fans attended, including a fifteen-year-old George R.R. Martin, who had purchased the first ticket to the event months earlier and would go on to create Game of Thrones decades later. 


Trish – Here I Am, the Dolly Parton Documentary on Netflix. Dolly Parton is possibly one of the most intelligent, shrewd and incredible performers in all of country music. Though I don’t especially like country music as a rule, I have always loved Dolly Parton.

Jeremy – Can we say advanced copy of New Mutants? Why yes we can! After two years and five release dates, I finally had a chance to see the youngest X-Men with a slant of horror. Was it worth the wait? Debatable, but we got the Illyana Rasputin I’ve always wanted with a little bonus of her sidekick (no spoiler) and overall, I’d rate it higher than at least half of the X-Men films. With only a few minor adjustments, I will commend them on staying mostly true to the characters. Bravo much better send off for the franchise than Dark Phoenix!

Deep Dive – Independent Superhero Shorts

Super Shorts: the magic of short films that sometimes fall short and yet can still manage to capture the wonder of superheroes.

On and On (by Todd Downing & Kirby Kackle):

Zero Issue (by New York Picture Company) 

Wonder Woman (by Rainfall Films): 

Cable: Chronicles of Hope (by K&K Productions):  


QotW: Why are you a fan of superheroes?


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