For this week’s episode of Geekorama, Trish and Jeremy are discussing our favorite superhero couples from comics, television and comics.



Jeremy – Black Widow: Widow’s Sting – Macchio, Duonfantino, Rosenberg- Looking for a Black Widow comic, this is one to miss. The piss poor writing and lazy story telling feels like an elementary school kid writing their first book. 1 Cape.

Black Widow #1 (2020) – Thompson, Casagrande, Bellaire –  This run of Blackwidow however, allows Natasha to lead. The story is fast, witty, and puts the rest of her found family in the wings while she takes center stage. There is a mystery here and I want to know where it goes. 4 Capes.


Trish – Warriors, Witches, Women: Mythology’s Fiercest Females by Kate Hodges  A book all about the most incredible, mysterious and sometimes problematic women in mythology. This collection spans the globe from Ireland, to Japan, to ancient Sumeria. Perfect if you’re looking for a book of bite sized stories about some pretty amazing women. 5 Capes


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Trish – Ugly Betty I’m revisiting this show and finding it to be the perfect funny, sweet comfort food right now. If you like quirky and heart warming, this is the show for you! (TW: Parental rejection of LGBTQ characters and problematic language around Trans character.)

Jeremy – Space Sweepers – This Korean produced sci-fi drama brings an action packed storyline with delightfully cheerful characters. You can’t help but root for these people on their quest to make the world a better place. You ignore the huge plot holes, because who cares? The fast paced story is visually stunning and you wish it was the first of a series!

Deep Dive –  Our Favorite Superhero Couples

Trish’s picks from TV and Movies:

  1. Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoke– Yes, I’m going non comic cannon on this one and saying Oliver and Felicity are THE BEST!
  2. Sara and Ava from Legends of Tomorrow– Don’t judge me! These two gave Oliver and Felicity a run for their money as my all time TV/Movie superhero couple fave. 
  3. Lois Lane and Superman– But not just any iteration, I’m talking Margot Kidder and Christopher Reeve
  4. Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne– We’re talking the BEST on screen iteration of this couple and that could only be Michelle Pfeiffer and Michael Keaton.
  5. Ray Palmer and Nora from Legends of Tomorrow– Real life husband and wife made sparks fly on the show and any excuse to see Ray be a bumbling, smitten bundle of cute is alright with me.

Honorable mentions:

Stever Trevor and Peggy Carter (Unpopular opinion: if they hadn’t retconned their story and given them an HEA they would have been on the list), and Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.

Jeremy’s picks from TV and Movies:

  1. Kitty Pryde & Piotr Rasputin – If you overlook the age problem early in their relationship, this is a love story that has conquered all. Even as they grew as individuals, they managed to find their way back to one another. This was the wedding I’ve wanted for decades.
  2. Wolverine & Phoenix & Cyclops – Don’t lie, you know they’re in a threesome. This is a throuple that deserves some serious screen time. A few scenes in the bedroom is well earned after all their angst.
  3. Cyclops & Emma Frost – Finally, somebody who made Cyclops interesting. Her unwillingness to let him rest on his boyscout persona, Frost helped create a man out of a boy playing at soldier. 
  4. Peter Parker & Gwen Stacy – This one is filed under tragic love. They were together a short time before she died. Parker’s arc got really interesting when he discovered he was the reason she died. Tragic turned gut wrenching from there on.
  5. Superboy & Ms. Martian (Young Justice) – The animated series really made this couple believable. As they played mother and father to a ragtag group of superheroes, they dealt with some fun situations when one of the couple is a telepath. I have to say it’s one of the most believable couples in superhero animation.

Honorable mentions:

Professor Xavier & Magneto – Okay, it’s not real, but we have to admit that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are the superhero power couple that 2021 needs. 


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