Jeremy – Wolverine #5 (Written by Benjamin Percy) has our favorite tortured mutant confronting his past, as he always does, and realizing he’s not quite a good person. But when the plot involves Vampires and Omega Red, we don’t need a good person, we need a mutant willing to slice and dice. 3.5/5 Capes


Trish – Unravel the Dusk by Elizabeth Lim The sequel to Spin the Dawn and the conclusion to the Blood of the Stars Duology. This book is beautifully written, Asian inspired high fantasy. The world building is incredible and the heroine is now one of my favorite characters 5/5 Capes.


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Trish – COBRA KAI Season 3!!! Everything I wanted and then some. Available on Netflix, this season brings back all our favorite characters we love and love to hate. We get the ship we wanted and get to see two cast members from Karate Kid Two and one from the original (who could it be?) The violence was darker this season as was Cresse, so be prepared for that. Slower start to the season, but the character development made it worth it.

Jeremy – Need a superhero movie with a lot of heart? Then Superbob (available on Amazon Prime) is here for all your heart’s pitter pattering needs. Set in the United Kingdom, the world’s only superhero hasn’t had a date in over six years. The story is about doing what’s right, finding love, and savoring the little moments in life. It’s an absolute yes from me. For those suffering from action adventure fatigue, this is a movie that oozes heart.


Deep Dive –  WW 84: Sequels vs. the Original

For this week’s deep dive Trish and Jeremy sit on opposite sides of the discussion. They go into detail about the flaws and successes of Wonder Woman 84. With an outstanding original, they pick apart the highs and lows of WW84 and ask the question, “Can a sequel ever be as good as the original?” 


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