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Welcome back to another episode of Geekorama, the podcast by geeks for geeks. We are sponsored by Superhero, the one stop shop for all your superhero novel needs. We are your hosts Jeremy Flagg and T.L. Heinrich


For this week’s episode of Geekorama, Trish and Jeremy are discussing our favorite superhero head canons




Jeremy – Marauders: We all know I have a fondness for X-Men, and more specifically Kitty Pryde. However, when she took to the helm of an international vessel traversing the globe to rescue mutants, I had my doubts. The new X comics are a bit scattered and don’t feel cohesive, but this one has characters that cut through the arc. With the most recent issue featuring a vengeful Emma Frost, we have the superhero pairing I’ve been waiting for see Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men. A solid four capes.


Trish – Geekerella: I’ve read the ebook and audiobook. The ebook is FANTASTIC, the audiobook…So, it’s dual first person narrative, and the audio book has a female and male narrator. The woman was AMAZING, she understood what she was saying, she had emotion. It was wonderful. The guy…not so much. I tolerated him because I loved the story and the female narrator. Besides the fact that he’s supposed to be this huge geek and he mispronounced Dahlek TWICE, whoever produced his part of the narration was sloppy. There were entire sentences repeated in nearly every one of his chapters, sometimes two or more in a chapter! Because of that I give the audiobook three capes, and the ebook four.


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Trish – Documentary Now-If Christopher Guest had been given a TV show, it would be this show. Created by Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen, Bill Hader. Batsh*t Valley and The Live Cast Recording of Co-Op: The musical.  Streaming on Netflix

Jeremy – Monster Hunter – I have never played the game, so my expectations walking into this were pretty low. Considering it is a Paul W.S. Anderson, I thought it’d bring the same action as the Resident Evil series. It did, to a degree. The movie plays like a video game, light on the story and heavy on the game play. I didn’t care about the actors and the pacing had some serious issues. Even Jovovich’s badassery seemed lacking compared to her Resident Evil counterpart. It’s a good popcorn movie, but it won’t be blowing minds anytime soon.

Deep Dive –  Superhero Relationships That Should Be Canon!


  • Batman and Wonder Woman– Oh My God! Every single time I see the two of these on screen, whether animated or live action, THE CHEMISTRY! If there’s anyone who could balance Batman’s broody dead parents I have to be alone vibe, it’s the Amazon Princess. These two were the ONLY good part of Justice League. If they had given me a Batman Wonder Woman movie where all they did was flirt and kick ass, I would watch that every freaking week.
  • The Flash and Killer Frost (The Flash Tv show)– I have never liked Iris, the chemistry is so limp, it’s not even funny. It’s like they mentally friend zoned each other and no one is willing to let them do it. Whereas the chemistry between Barry and Frost is *chef kiss*. 
  • Rip and Sarah (Legends of Tomorrow)– Although I LOVE  Sarah with Ava, there was some great, simmering chemistry between these two. There were moments when I swore Rip wanted to kiss her and I was HERE for that!  
  • Natasha Romonoff and Bruce Banner- Who doesn’t love a kick ass woman with the world’s most adorable nerd?


  • Emma Frost & Jean Grey – You have literal Fire and Ice with this coupling. I think with Jean’s wild mannerisms and Emma’s calculated demeanor, they’d be a delightfully dangerous pair of ladies. Also, let’s be honest, it’d be hot.
  • Storm & Wolverine – We have seen this pair in a non-canon story by Chris Claremont. Wolverine and Storm have had a series of partners, and it never ends well. I feel this is a natural one. Between their respect for one another and moral guidelines, it’d be a perfect pair.
  • Matt Murdock & Jessica Jones – They are both hot messes. Together they would be a massive disaster of egos. They would most likely try to kill each other, and it’d be the least healthy relationship in all of Marvel. But damn, it’d be a sexy train wreck!
  • Xavier & Magneto – Not the comics, but their actor counterparts. I need to see more cute photos of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan. So let’s just make it canon and be on with it!


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