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Superhero-Fiction.com has always been about getting superhero books in front of readers. We promote this with inclusive programming, highlighting our strengths and all-in-all, being professional with one another while still giving our author personas time to shine in front of fans.

All panels are hosted on Streamyard and are scheduled on Wednesday at 6 pm EST. You will be contacted as soon as possible with any questions, concerns, etc that we may have. We will do our best to approve or deny your panel a week before the event.

If you would like to submit a panel for approval to Superhero Fiction please fill out the form. We are asking you to come to us with the content and panelists ahead of time. By all mean discuss this in the facebook group, find like-minded individuals. We might be able to help if you need, but we’re also working authors so time is limited.

  • Panels must be submitted at least two (2) weeks prior to the date being submitted. We are trying to keep it to two (2) panels a month to create some balance.
  • The subject of the panel must be fleshed out into a brief description. (1-2 sentences)
  • A minimum of five (5) questions must be submitted. Please make sure your panelists are aware of these questions. It can be a dead panel if they have nothing to say on the matter.
  • Three to five (3 – 5) panelists must already be confirmed. (Be aware, we are emphasizing diversity and inclusion. Only have white men on your panel? You might want to consider mixing it up. We’re sticklers for that.)
  • Panelists should primarily be from the Superhero Author group, and/or be writing in the Superhero Genre. There might be times when you want to drag non-superhero authors into your panel. We’re cool with that, but we’re pushing for Superhero authors first.
  • Panels are set for Wednesdays at 6PM (for the time being.) Let us know what months you are open to holding your panel and we will confirm the date with you. It is your responsibility to contact the panelists with the final date.
  • You must confirm with your panelists that they are available on those dates at 6 pm EST; please be sure to take time zone differences into account.